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The Hackathon will start on Day 2 of Co.Co 2022. It will be hosted in the form of a series of programming questions, each requiring a coded Python solution to be submitted to [replit Teams]. More details on how to use this platform will be emailed to you once your registration for the event is complete. To encourage participants, the Hackathon will be divided into two groups based on your personal confidence in your coding skills: the Novice group and the Veteran group. The Novice group is targeted towards students with minimal coding experience, and is mainly to provide an introductory competitive environment for students looking to venture into computer science and programming specifically. The Veteran group is targeted towards students who are more skilled and adept at programming, and are looking to compete against similarly skilled opponents with much more challenging questions. 

Prizes from our sponsor companies will also be available and the specific prizes being offered will be revealed on our website at a later date.


Team Formation

You can either work alone or with a team of up to 3 students. 

Teams can be pre-determined before signing up, however there is an option of being assigned to a group. 

Sign UP
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Make you fill out the initial google form accessible from the "sign up now" button before filling out the Hackathon form down below. 

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