The Hackathon will take place on Day 2 of ESF Coco. Teams will be given time from the morning to the evening to work on their solution which should adhere to the prompt. This solution will then be submitted at the end of the day where it will be judged and scored by the panel of judges based on the judging criteria.

Any LATE submissions will NOT be judged.

The winners will then be declared at the closing ceremony which will take  place after we have rounded up the scores.  All teams on the podium will be receiving prizes.

Team Formation

Recommended Team Size: 3-4


Only 4 names will be allowed at most on a final submission.

Groups should be formed before signing up, however there is an option provided of being assigned to a group. As such, teams can be chosen however as long as it stays under the size requirement, meaning a group could consist of participants from multiple year groups, or even schools if desired.