& Speakers

As a part of our computing conference, we are  honoured to be able to invite the esteemed institutes and speakers listed below to host workshops and talks. We hope that their generosity will allow us to provide participants with an unforgettable experience.


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Apple empowers learners and educators with their products to solve real-world problems and create innovative solutions across every field. They offer tools, platforms and curricula to engage students of all ages and help them acquire much sought after cutting-edge skills.

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BSD Education is an educational institution that was founded in 2013 by Chris Geary and Nickey Khemchandani. BSD’s main goal is to work closely with students and teachers to help prepare students for the jobs of the future and make digital skills more accessible to teachers. Their work involves getting educators to bring digital skills into classrooms and helping integrate technology into school curriculums.

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Cobo Academy

Code Academy is an online interactive platform that has the goal of giving people the ability to learn the necessary skills to succeed in the 21st century. Their platform provides a new and interactive way of learning and helping people worldwide to unlock modern technical skills by learning how to code.



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The Micro:Bit Education Foundation aims to inspire every child to create their best digital future”. Founded in 2016, they aim to maximise exposure, learning and opportunities for students to learn with the microbit: A pocket-size computer which has an LED light display, buttons and sensors, allowing users to interact with the software. Their mission is to create curriculum materials, utilise easy and accessible learning tools and remove barriers to learning digital skills to foster and empower children and young people to interact with the digital world.

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Makerbay is a non-profit innovation organisation with the goal of developing maker skills and mindsets which are crucial in addressing social and environmental challenges. They provide quality innovation education through workshops for the youth. using their expertise, tools and space to aid learning, innovating, and just having fun.

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Preface Coding is an award winning EdTech company founded in 2015 with the aim that “There isn't a thing that cannot be learnt.” They offer personalised courses in coding, data science (with AI and Python) as well as Full Stack Web Development, to ensure that every learners’ needs are understood and met. 


GirlsWhoML is a group of students who strive to encourage females and those who identify as Non-Binary in to engage with artificial intelligence and machine learning. They are heavily based around STEM related industries, providing training workshops in order to equip their students with the necessary skills to begin a career in AI.




Catherine Tong

Catherine Tong is a Ph.D. student at the University of Oxford and a visiting scholar at the the Cambridge Machine Learning Systems Lab, University
of Cambridge. Her research interests are machine learning for health and human activity recognition. Her research focuses on leveraging multimodal information to improve the performance of machine learning models trained from behavioral and healthcare data. She is also the recipient of the EMEA Generation Google award and the President of the Oxford Women in Computer Science Society 2020. 

Yat Siu (Outblaze)

Yat Siu is the CEO and Founder of Outblaze and Animoca Brands. Based in Hong Kong, he has received much recognition and accolades as an tech entrepreneur including the URENCO Innovation Award and the Outstanding Entrepreneur Award at the Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards, among many others.


Leo Chiu

Click Ventures

- Chief Technology Partner

Dr. Tan is currently an associate professor of Computer Science who has received M.A and Ph.D. Degrees from Princeton University. His industrial experience includes consulting for Tencent AI Lab, Qualcomm R&D (QRC), and Fraser Research Lab. He has research interests in artificial intelligence, cloud computing, graph analytics in scientific machine learning, etc.

Dr Tan


Matthew Chan

Matthew is a Senior Software Engineer who is an iOS Developer, NEX Team Inc. He graduated at HKU and moved to UBC for further studying Master Degree of Computer Science. After graduation, he worked for Google for 2 years before working for Apple. He joined to develop the App HomeCourt and Active Arcade when the company NEX was newly founded. The App HomeCourt was featured by Apple and presented on stage when Apple launched their new products multiple years ago.