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Frequently Asked Questions

How will I be able to attend the virtual event?


We will be hosting the event on the Sched Platform , a virtual platform that coordinates countless zoom events and develops them to cater towards virtual conferences like this one.
All attendees will be able to sign up for the conference’s workshops weeks prior to the event on a first come first serve basis. These workshops will then be available on the Sched platform, and attendees who successfully signed up for said workshops will be able to select the sessions that they can then participate in when the zoom meeting calls open according to session timings.

Are there any prerequisites/knowledge/skill I should have?


Generally, more beginners and intermediate level workshops will not have any prerequisites, however, as the workshops get more advanced, many will have certain requirements that must be met before taking part such as having prior programming knowledge, or a background in computer science. Apart from knowledge of a workshop, there may be some physical prerequisites various institutes ask for from all participants in their courses, an example of which may be to have a Macbook or other Apple device. Finally, the only other prerequisite that all students must fulfill before attending CoCo workshops is downloading any software required for the courses they have signed up for. Weeks before the conference, students will be notified and given the exact procedure to ensure that they are equipped on the final day.

Are there any age restrictions on the workshops?


There are no age restrictions for any workshops! At CoCo, we believe that age does not define a student’s capability and tech-proficiency. Any and all ages are welcome to sign up for beginners, intermediate, and advanced courses!

What if I miss a workshop?


We would have loved to provide recordings of the workshops, however, due to privacy concerns, this is not possible.

How will I know if my team has won?


Stay and watch :)

What if I don't have a team for the Hackathon?


Don't worry, we will assign you to a group and allow you to have the same experience as everyone else.

What if the workshop I have chosen is full but all my friends are there?


We're very sorry but there is little flexibility to add more participants as the hosts can only deal with so many students concurrently.

Who do I contact if I have any questions?


As we have set up social channels on multiple platforms, you can reach us on our instagram @esfcoco2022, or our email:

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